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Day 1: #SplitLife2019
Mobility + Strength work: Tabletop leg lifts + rotations

So, we’re working on the splits with this challenge. Most important part? In addition to working flexibility we also need to work the strength aspect as well. Why? Because you want to create a stable foundation to avoid injury and find comfort in your split. If your hips are “super open” the muscles you use in your split (hammies, quads, piriformis etc.) are weak or lacking awareness in your pose you don’t have a cohesive unit for greatness – where is the support?!😝

* keep your hips square and lift to a 90 degree angle, allowing your knee to stay in line with your hip
* slow and controlled movements is what we’re looking for here (this video is sped up x2)
* when doing rotations, start small and gradually get bigger with your circles – work the entire circle allll the way around
* keep your core engaged – pit of the belly in and up
* 10 reps on each side
* rest in wide legged child’s pose

Day 3: #SplitLife2019
Frog Pose w/ PNF

Today we’re taking one of the best poses for deepening your splits and combining it with, scientifically claimed, the best method of increasing range of motion, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)🤓

🐸 Frog Tips:
* keep knees in line with your hips and knees stacked over ankles as feet open out to the side
* push back through the hips but still maintain alignment
💫Adding PNF:
PNF is the use of isometric contractions/holds and release to encourage your muscles to relax and go deeper into a range of motion rather than tensing and overstressing.
* while in your frog gently squeeze (it’ll feel like you’re trying to press your inner thighs into your mat)
* hold this contraction for 5-10s and then release 5-10a as you aim to get deeper in the posture
* go on for 5 reps and then rest
* PNF is not meant to be used for all postures and should not be done every day. But! It is a great way to increase hip mobility and strength
* DO NOT GIVE TOO MUCH POWER TO YOUR CONTRACTIONS – slow and steady wins the race
* you don’t have to add PNF – if you’d prefer a static hold of frog, find yourself there for 15-20 breaths

Day 5 #SplitLife2019

💫Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold Drills

* Open up as wide as you can while still feeling comfort
* Toes point up to the sky to protect your knees
* Sit up tall and ground yourself into the floor for a secure foundation
* Push thighs back in a rolling motion to deepen the connection to the floor
* Inhale for length and exhale for depth
* When bending to the sides chest is forward not down; it’s a side bend!

Day 7 #SplitLife2019
Yogi’s Choice –
It’s the last day of #SplitLife2019 – show us your go-to drill for working on your splits. Thank so much for everyone that joined us!! See you next time? 💙🙃

This is one of my favorite flows for prepping for splits.
down dog – three legged dog – lizard – half split
Repeat both sides. I like to hold each pose for 5-10 breaths. Try it for a few reps and maybe add a split in after your half split! 😝

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