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Some of my morning leggie workout 🔥 did tons of back squats and finished my workout with some of these. 👇🏼👇🏼
1️⃣Front Rack Lunge (4×10): Never tried this before so I gave it a try, and BOIIIII, you do feel on the quads! Make sure you keep your elbows up & straight to prevent falling foward. I drop a 45 lbs plate on my toe earlier that day so it was really hard for me to focus lol
2️⃣Hip Thrusts (5×12): You might see I do these often and it’s because I do, I try to do hip thrusts at least 2-3 times a week. Usually from heavy to moderate to light weights, on those days.
3️⃣ Single Romanian Deadlifts (3×10): These are so good to really target the hamstrings and glutes. Single leg/arm movements help fix any imbalances that you could have, and promotes good muscle growth.
4️⃣Frog Pumps (3×20): I did this as a finisher and good Lord! You really do feel it in the glutes after the 10th rep. No need to go super heavy on these, just work on the mind-muscle connection to get great stimulus in your muscles.

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