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1) Does your back hurt when you squat? You don’t have to neglect squats completely as long as you can find some safer alternatives 😊🙌🏽
If you use a bench as support not only it will be easier to squat but also you will be able to focus more on your glutes as you will add an isometric hold to the exercise (squeeze and hold at the bottom). I personally prefer squats on the Smith machine than in the free squat rack as you can see my balance is not the best but everyone has weaker and stronger points 🙂
The rest of the exercises are all side booty/ hips focused to help you shape an hourglass figure.
Try these and let me know how you feel the next day 💪🏽 #squats #shesquats #glutes #bootybuilding #curvy #curves #gains #sidebooty #hips #bootyworkout #italiana #positivevibes #palestra #curve #fitness #aesthetic #beavisionary #hardwork #glutei

2) Did you know that deadlifts are one of the best glute building exercises after hip thrusts?
So here are 3 deadlifts variations. I am not a big fan of them so If you feel like your back hurts (even after you have checked your form) or you don’t really like the normal RDLs like me make sure you try these variations instead and I promise you’ll feel your glutes burning as much 💁🏽‍♀️ Enjoyed them so much more than I finished off with a little booty dance at the end💃🏽 If you have never tried deadlifts before make sure you get a PT to show you how to do them correctly as they can also hurt your lower back. You spine needs to be neutral and never curve your back. You don’t use your arm strength to lift the weight but you should always use your glute/hamstring muscles.
The last two variations should be easier so give these a go and let me know if they feel better ☺️ #bootybuilding #gluteguide #gymgirl #deadlifts #pesomuerto #howtodeadlift #deadliftvariation #red #virginactive #italiana #palestra #squatting #muscoli #pesi #squats #gym #fitspo #beavisionary

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