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✖️Barbell Pause Bench Press 4×8
Scaps tight, core braced, feet screwed Into ground, glutes tight, and natural arch in back(yes mine is natural I am not over arching it so don’t comment that).
✖️Incline DB Behind the Head Tri Extension 3x(10-12)
Natural arch in back, keep elbows tight, core braced, work on full ROM(range of motion), and feet the stretch & flex in your tricep hinging at the elbow.
✖️Cable Incline Chest Flys 3×15
Core braced, and work on full ROM feeling the stretch & flex in your chest. Honestly one of my favorite chest exercises.
✖️Body Weight Dips 3xfailure
I do not like these because honestly I’m not the best at them, but you have to work on what you’re bad at right? Keep your wrist locked, & drive through your elbow to push up & lock your arms out feeling the work in your tricep. You will feel this in your chest too.

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